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The Roots

My dad was in the Coast Guard, so I had the chance to live in both Alaska and New Orleans. I have seen glaciers and alligators, I have indulged in Creole and Native American customs, and I have defended myself from racists with malicious intent. Life has afforded me many things, but none greater than being a husband and father. ​

Professionally, I have worked in both education and mental health. I found the best of both worlds in school counseling. My passion is to create a community where young Black and Brown dads and their children feel safe, supported, and empowered. Diary of a Mad Black Dad was created to share the thoughts and experiences of Black dads as well as my own.

I've learned that life is about exploring, not only your past, but also your future. Each time I write, I'm doing just that. 

Diary of a Mad Black Dad is a parenting blog, a clothing shop, and a community initiative.

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