The Roots

My dad was in the Coast Guard, so I had the chance to live in both Alaska and New Orleans. I have seen glaciers and alligators, I have indulged in Creole and Native American customs, and I have defended myself from racists with malicious intent. Life has afforded me many things, but none greater than being a husband and father. ​

Professionally, I have worked in both education and mental health. I found the best of both worlds in school counseling. My passion is to create a community where young Black and Brown students feel safe, supported, and empowered. Diary of a Mad Black Dad was created to share my thoughts and experiences with other parents, family, friends, and Black dads.

In an effort to create a safe and healthy space for young men to learn and grow I am starting a mentoring program. Mad Black Mentoring is a program for young men to receive guidance and support as they mature into adults. It will focus on socio-emotional learning, goal setting, and accountability.


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