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Mad Black Closet

Clothing Closet for Men and Boys

Mad Black Closet is a community initiative. While Diary of a Mad Black Dad looks to provide various perspectives on dadhood, Mad Black Closet will provide a quality clothing selection for men and boys in the community.

I am requesting

  • Men's clothing (leisure and business casual)

  • Boy's clothing (all sizes and styles)

  • Underclothes in original packaging

  • Monetary donations

* All clothes must be clean, without holes that are not part of the design, and free from animal dander. 

Mad Black Closet: Welcome


Thanks for your interest in supporting Mad Black Dad! If you would like to donate clothes, be a guest on the podcast, or attend the next happy hour, please fill out your contact info below and Mad Black Dad. Will reach out to you soon!

Cleveland, OH

Thanks for submitting!

Mad Black Closet: Contact
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