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Best Dad

Being a Dad is the most rewarding feeling in the world to me. I am responsible for an innocent human being. It’s also humbling as I look in the mirror and tell myself “boy you’ve outdone yourself now”. I love the sense of responsibility and joy that being a dad brings. It is difficult to mess this up! For the most part, being there and being present puts you in a great position to be a good dad/ parent. There is no manual for being a dad, I find myself using my childhood shortcomings to not allow my daughter to have those feelings I used to have towards my dad. Being able to wake her up in the morning and put her to bed at night keeps me grounded. It also keeps me on my toes, knowing that this is a gift and an honor. I live for myself, but I would die for my children. I always wanted to have one boy and one girl but I am a full-blown girl dad! And now I wouldn’t have it any other way. As I’m writing this my wife and I are expecting another girl any day now. She will be a great addition to my family and my legacy. To all the dads out there, if I may not overthink this dad thing, what may work for myself may not work for you. Just find your way, take your steps and fall in love with the process of being a dad. Be the best dad you can be.

I love being a dad

-Deano Buycks

Dad 2018 & 2022

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