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Best Rapper Dad Alive



Jigga Man

The Best Rapper Alive

Shawn Carter

Embarrassing Dad

As much as men will say hip hop or the streets or a particular rapper (I.e. Jay-Z) raised them, we have been honored with the chance to watch Jay grow up. We saw his rise to fame with Rocafella Records, we saw him court and marry “the baddest chick in the game”, we also saw his struggles and triumphs in that same marriage, but by far, my favorite part is seeing him in dad mode.

Jay & Bey are quite private about their home life, the few glimpses we do get tells us absolutely nothing about the intricacies of their parenting styles or family dynamics. However, every now and then (mostly in impromptu paparazzi pics and floor seat camera shots) we get to see Jay-Z, Beyoncé, and the one and only Blue Ivy.

This special time, we see Blue and her daddy at the NBA finals. Once the camera hits the two, Mr. Carter promptly hugs his daughter (embarrassingly might I add) and gives her a kiss. Both of which Blue hurriedly shakes off. It’s adorable and a moment that I find inspiring as we continue to watch (from a far) the growth of a man and a dad. Through his artistry, we’ve had a an ear tuned to the maturation of Jay, but it’s through this live shot, do we get a (however brief) floor seat to the best rapper alive being the best (and most embarrassing)

dad alive.

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