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Happy Mother’s Day

To the mother of my children,

There isn’t enough of anything to give you a proper thank you for being a mother. I hope these words are a healthy start. Each year, one day is set aside for you. It is meant to celebrate you and the literal blood, sweat, and tears you have put into being a mother. It is meant to celebrate the love, support, and time you put into our children.

I believe witnessing you progressing through your motherhood journey changes my love for you. You carried and gave birth to two of the most beautiful people in the world. With your body and spirit, you created our children. My love is stronger and my admiration for you has multiplied tenfold. I am constantly in awe as I watch you. I cherish you, I adore you.

I will be forever grateful. I believe there is an eternal beauty, righteousness, and power in being a mother. I believe God favors moms, and dads are merely blessed with their presence.

Thank you for blessing me, thank you for mothering our children.

Happy Mothers Day

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