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  • Trey Williams

Iron Man

Man, my dad is a man that gets better with time in my eyes. From my point of view, I always believed in my dad like all boys want to.

When I was a small child I remember my dad's pitfalls. I remember waiting on my grandma’s porch for him deep into the summer night. My bags were all packed and shit just waiting. I recall other things I will not mention but will laugh at as I type this. Then I remember one day he came to my house when I was about 10 and he was talking to my mom about how he was going to be around to get me more consistently. I only saw a peak out of that side door of the cape-cod houses that Maple Heights is known for. But I remember after that day it was different. My dad was a man of his word after that.

My Dad stressed family, he made it a point to keep me and my brother together. Every time we talked, “Did you talk to Darren?” Usually I would say no and then my dad would really be on me. I was an only child at my mom's house until I was 10, so I didn’t truly understand family at that time. As we grew up, Darren and I became best friends. Like we are tight as hell.

My dad has done so much in his life that I want to tell everyone. It’s always so amazing to me because if it wasn’t for America my dad would be Iron Man! No lie man, I swear that’s who he is. This man is very creative just like Tony Starks. He can draw, he has vision, and he can paint. He even has a green thumb! He can pronounce any last name. He can lead and he can overcome. He comes off as charming to anyone he meets and has wisdom to share if you have an ear. There isn't much he can’t do.

One day, Cleveland Police mistook my dad for a criminal and they busted him upside his head with their flashlight. The flashlight didn’t make it! It burst into a million pieces. That coupled with his son surviving a bullet to the head and his father being a person who could fix anything mechanical even though he could not read and write, I’d say yea, Tony Starks, that’s a good way to tell you who my dad is.

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