Letter to Teenage Me

Dear me,

There will be times where you will be tested in ways you never considered. You will consider running. Do not run, stand in the confusion, sort through the mess, and resolve your issues. If you start running from your problems now, you will be chasing answers for years to come.

You will make a lot of friends over the years. Some of those friends come with expiration dates. You won't be able to read a label to know when they indeed expire, but you will see the signs, react accordingly. Contrary to popular belief, it is okay to cry over spilled milk. Do not cry too long, and remember to clean up the mess so the next will have a clean seat at the table.

You will meet a lot of girls, even like some of them. Treat them all nicely. You will meet one that you will make your wife. Always be honest and never be afraid to be vulnerable. She won’t ask for much but give her the world anyway. Whatever you give her, she will multiply. Sidebar: have a 3 drink limit at the reception. The stories I heard were amazing and hilarious. Unfortunately, I can't remember when they happened.

Rome was not built in a day. Nothing you want will be either. Learn to fall in love with the process of becoming great and even the most challenging days will be enjoyable. Be thankful for the valleys, because they will help you cherish the peaks. Pour love into everything you care about; family, friends, work, your passions, and having fun.

Thank God and stay humble,

  • 31 y/o Me