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Mad Black Father’s Day

First things first, thank you to all the men that wrote for me over these past six weeks.

Quinton Henry

Javante Kelly

Brian Anthony

Mario Dumas

Karlton Laster

Trey Williams

Deano Buycks

Sean Clark

Thank you gentlemen for showing the world your authentic selves and being vulnerable on this platform. Many people read your stories and were moved by your words. Your stories are inspiring and a reminder that we are actively healing, we are doing the work that breaks cycles, we are shifting the paradigm of Black dads, and most importantly we are building a solid foundation for which our children can also build on as they mature.

Second, happy Father’s Day to all the dads. There are plenty of jokes about this day, but the work you put in is no laughing matter. Each moment you spend focused on your children and family is time well spent. You may or may not be thanked for your efforts, but you will always be appreciated. Today isn’t about quiet time or spending time away from your family, it is about acknowledging certain truths; Black Dads matter, our position in our family is invaluable, we are the favorite parent (but we’d never admit it out loud), and lastly being a dad is one of the best things we could ever be.

This day is for us… it’s our time to shine. Happy Father’s Day! Stay mad

- Mad Black Dad

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