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Mad Black Revolutionary

There is something special about dadhood that can't truly be understood until you’re a member of this prestigious group. I am a dad, and I pride myself on that. It is part of my identity, and 5 years and 2 kids in… it's part of my DNA. I live for this, I love it and I support any dad that echoes these sentiments. As I consider our place in our families lives and in society, the word revolutionary comes to mind. I think that’s what Black dadhood is… Revolutionary.


  • A fundamental change in the way of thinking about or visualizing something.

We Black dads are revolutionaries. We are shifting the paradigm that Black dads are absent. We are doing the work and sharing the stories that combat the stereotype that we are nonexistent or at the most, inconsistent. We are not simply involved, but rather we are ingrained in our children and families’ lives. Along with their mothers, we are the foundation of their lives and we seek to raise whole and healthy children to be whole and healthy adults. We are capable of being soft, nurturing, and emotional with our sons and daughters. We can also be stern or strict without being abusive, condescending, or misogynistic.

Over the next few weeks, you will read blog posts from Black men talking about their dads and how his presence impacted their lives. You will also read posts from Black dads talking about their journey through dadhood. There is love, joy, and insight into one’s self when reflecting on being a dad. Sometimes we unlock stored pain and trauma when doing the same. As you read these Black men’s vulnerable reflections on their life and process, I encourage you to think about your dad, maybe your significant other’s dad, or the dad of your children. Let’s uplift, celebrate and embrace the dads we know, because they are revolutionaries.

  • Mad Black Dad

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