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Moonshot Goal

A moonshot goal is something so far out that it’s not impossible but it seems improbable, especially from your current positioning in life. To me, it is something that one could actually obtain after dedicated hours of planning, sweat equity, something falling into place, and maybe a dash of miracle.

I think mine is obvious, I want to make this blog a major site and I want to write a book. Diary of A Mad Black Dad is very much a passion project but I’d love for it to become something much bigger than I could imagine. I created it to share my experiences and establish a platform for people to write in long form about their experiences. I just want the platform to grow into a stage, from a stage to a mountaintop. The more we share, the more room we give ourselves and others to grow.

I fully accept that I’m not a writer by trade but by hobby. I simply want to create spaces for myself and others to impart the knowledge gained in life’s journey to those willing to read. I want to write a book that acts as an extension of the website, and an extension of my emotions and experiences.

In this new age, we are all just a retweet or a repost away from blowing up. I can’t control who shares my posts, but what I can do is continue to improve the quality of my posts and put myself out there creatively. There are marketing tactics I can implement and I could even invest money into advertising, but none of that matters if my quality isn’t there or consistently improving.

It’s a moonshot because it takes more than just some creative posts or my writing to become a bigger thing. I’m not interested in becoming rich, though money is nice, I want the work and the message to be recognized. Journaling can be therapeutic, men (especially Black men) can journal , women can journal, kids can journal. There are safe spaces to share your achievements, your traumas, and everything in between.

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