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Moonshot Goal By Brian White

My moon shot goal that has been on my mind a lot lately has been to one day be able to support myself completely off of my content creating. I've been streaming on Twitch for a little over a year and have enjoyed the grind both on the positive and negative sides of it. Streaming has allowed me to build a community of friends that show up and show out every time, but I know if I were to make this goal a reality my community would have to be immensely larger. I've watched streamers with a much larger following and had a few conversations with them and even with them having triple the numbers I produce they say they still depend  on a second source of income to stay afloat. I've loved the growth of my channel and all payouts no matter how small have been great  and definitely appreciated, because I'm being paid to do something I enjoy. But i know for this goal to be a reality I would have to be ready to grind 3 times as hard to build my community and gather their support, so for now ill take it day by day improve my follower count improve my total viewers and continue to improve my content to someday reach the moon.

IG: King Beerye

twitch: King Beerye

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