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My Guilty Pleasure

We all have that one (or more) thing that we indulge in often behind closed doors. I can be as innocent as sleeping with a stuffed animal as an adult or it can be as reckless as still eating Arby’s, either way, we all have a thing. Don’t worry, this is a safe space.

Many moons ago, my wife introduced me to the Upper East Side. An affluent neighborhood in Manhattan where the rich kids live and play. There was a prestigious private school coupled with elitism and plenty of spoiled rich kid problems. Not to mention an anonymous blogger that seemed to always be in the know and was always ready to spill the tea on the popular kids. XOXO Gossip Girl

Y’all I was WATCHING Gossip Girl, Leah had me hooked. I had favorite characters, I was enthralled with the over dramatic rich teen angst. We spent a couple weeks watching the entire series. I was really trying to figure out who could have been Gossip Girl. Chuck Bass was my guy, Uber rich kid that always talked with a Batman voice. He always tried to be hard but he was really a heartbroken hoe with parental issues.

Fast forward to today, HBO Max released a new Gossip Girl. All the old characters are grown, and a new generation of spoiled rich kids have taken over the Upper East Side equipped with new relationships, new problems, and a new Gossip Girl. You have your “It” girl, your bad boy, your outcasts, your rich but woke kid, and your kid that attends the rich school on scholarship. It’s a mess, the kids are wild, the parents are in their own world & the teachers are afraid of the both because of their financial influence over the school.

I’m not saying it’s a must watch, because there are many thought provoking shows. This is just my weekly guilty pleasure.

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