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The Cure for Kanye

Ya’ll cousin Kanye has been on his BS consistently for some years now. A line that a lot of people said (and even me) was that Kanye needs a Black woman. My stance has since changed, Kanye doesn't need a Black Woman. They are not tools used to fix injured, broken, or fractured Black men. Another one, “Kanye needs therapy!” Long answer short… yes.

But I also know what Kanye could use, and that’s why I am here today. Let me be clear. I’m not one for social commentary as it pertains to celebrities, but I think this can be expanded to cover a couple areas. So, here’s The Cure for Kanye.

Kanye needs his ass whooped. Not the violent type like he’s getting pummeled in public. I don't condone that level of violence (though I’m not ruling it out), but he needs a good ole fashioned whoopin’, spankin’, beatin’, maybe with some granny’s chancla? A leather belt? A Hot Wheels track? I got it! He needs to go pick a switch. Because the way he’s behaving, any child would have gotten their tail worn out and any adult would have earned a few bumps and bruises. Where’s Rob?

Kim is who she is, and I'm not here to debate on her, but I do not believe she (or any other mother) deserves to be attacked on social media like this. Ye is a Billionaire, he can afford to shut the F up and get an attorney to handle this, but he keeps running his mouth. Where’s Rob and his friends? Kim (or any other mother) deserves the chance to separate herself amicably from a situation that doesn't seem to suit her or her children. Where are Rob, his friends, and his uncles? I don’t know how many fades Mr. West has caught in his lifetime, but it's about time for a new one or a West family member to check him. Ye is too comfortable, I’m sure if he was involved with some other woman with a few brothers or uncles, he’d be hard-pressed to behave this way. But we know “Skeet” not bout that life.

Kanye is a Black Billionaire, but before all that, he is a Black man and a Black father. His children deserve to have their father present in their lives and grow up in a stable household or two. I know what it's like to have parents that argue and divorce, it's ugly and that was behind closed doors. Can’t imagine how the kids feel. Kids are intuitive, for lack of better terms... They be knowin.

There is a space where I can empathize with him though. If I was in a similar situation, I’d fight tooth & nail to see my children, but I wouldn't disparage their mother in the process. There has to be a level of accountability. Is Kim making these moves on her own or is she reacting to him and working to preserve the mental and emotional health of her and her children? I won’t pretend to know their relationship, but honesty with self is always key.

Basically, Kanye probably could use some therapy, but he could also benefit from getting roughed up a bit. He’s not wrong for enthusiastically trying to see his kids and restoring his family, but; 1. He’s definitely not going about it the most efficient way. 2. He probably is not being honest with himself about his role in their issues. 3. You don’t win when you play dirty. 4. Them Black women yall say he need, would have had him touched a long time ago.

Pray for ya mans…

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