Things I am Grateful for

Life comes at you fast, we are often moving a mile a minute sometimes forgetting to take time to smell the roses, feel the summer breeze, or appreciate the sun shining through on a cloudy day. There is so much to be grateful for, I wanted to take time today to show some gratitude. Your spirit will thank you for stopping to appreciate the people or the things that exist in your life. You can even feel your energy improve when you take time to show gratitude.

“My aura is beautiful” - Mal

I am grateful for the family and friends that have supported me and challenged me throughout my life, and it's the challenge part that I truly appreciate. I think it is easy to support people when they are up and be empathetic when they are down, but it takes something more to challenge loved ones to be better. These are the most beautiful “roses” you can give somebody. To me, challenging a friend isn't just showing love or support, it is an action that shows you believe in them AND their potential. If you can see more for me than I can see for myself, that's somebody I want in my corner, even if I'm already a star.

There is so much more that I’m thankful for, it was necessary for me to acknowledge the people in my life that have helped me the most. If I took the time to list names I’d probably forget somebody. I don’t make it where I am today without my village. Who or what are you grateful for?