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What Does Being Black Feel Like

Whew… I love being Black.

You remember the scene when Thanos put the last Infinity Stone in the gauntlet? How that power surged through him? Being Black feels like that. When He-Man powers up? Being Black feels like that. I feel like I have an infinite pool of power that can be summoned at a moment's notice. I feel like I am connected with [most] Black people. Shared experiences, shared ideologies, shared history, shared culture, shared ancestors, shared struggle. Being Black is an experience coupled with highs that can cut through to the heavens and lows that can be darker than midnight.

Being Black feels like the world is on your shoulders, but it's just a light workout. One thing we know about working out is… sometimes you don't want to. It feels like the world is attacking you, but you have the ultimate armor.

I have an immense sense of pride in being Black, I absolutely feel like Black people are invincible despite their attempts to silence us and kill us. We are superpowered, we are superheroes, but we are also just trying to live life freely, celebrate each other, and break the traps of racism and systemic oppression. Being Black is a beautiful feeling, it is a whole feeling, it is a connected feeling.

I’m rooting for everybody Black, because that means I'm also rooting for myself, I’m rooting for the kids that will succeed me, and the ones that will succeed them. It also means I'm proud of the sacrifices those before us made to empower us. Being Black feels like love. Being Black feels like life.

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