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What Does Being Black Feel Like by Donte Gibbs

Being Black is something you know and feel deep down. It’s like this invincible yet visible power you have. It’s a presence felt and defended. At CWRU, I remember talking with one of my professors and they said, “You keep putting Black vs African-American, this is a collegiate paper…” I responded “…I know, but I identify as Black with a capital B and I view you as White vs Caucasian, like what really is Caucasian…” Long story short, my lived experience and Sociology classes ‘won that argument’ and I kept writing Black with a capital B and I was no longer marked for it. You see, being Black also comes with some battles in and out of the classroom/systems. Some more exhausting, some more painful, some more deadly. But! In the words of Theresa Tha Songbird…”Black is hard to do…But it is something we get to cherish…Black is brilliant and infinite…Black is adjective, adverb, color and noun.”

Let it resound!

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