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What Inspires You

Telling your truth is challenging, it takes courage to speak aloud about the things that have troubles you. Being authentically yourself when it’s easier to assimilate takes courage, that space is where I find inspiration.

I love seeing people live life authentically. It seems now that many of us are finding our footing as adults and who we want to ultimately be, I’m seeing more and more of us living life freely. It is beautiful thing to see, especially as many of us also talk about the work we put in to reach the point we are currently positioned.

I’m seeing people cut their hair off, grow their hair out, leave their job(s) in pursuit of something they can call their own, move to South Africa, create endlessly, confront childhood trauma, break generational curses, and grow TF up. I see y’all, I cheer for y’all, I support y’all. All of you inspire me.

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