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What is Your Superpower?

I believe everyone has a latent skill, talent, or gift that they can tap into when necessary. A superpower if you will. This thing stands out more than the others you have stored in your arsenal. You may not flex it often or maybe you use it daily, either way when you tap into it, things happen. Think about yours while I tell you about mine.

Space Creation sounds like a role in 2k or maybe something out of an anime but that’s the best way to sum it up. As long as I can remember, I’ve been a person that others feel they can lean on if they need advice, if they need to vent, or if they need moral support. I didn’t understand it at first, but after taking time to examine it, I realized my superpower is the ability to create safe spaces for people to let their guard down. People often feel comfortable enough to share with me their stressors, their trauma, or their fears. It’s a privilege I don’t take for granted, especially when I consider the professional work that I do. I heavily rely on students and parents being able to open up and share what’s going on at school or home. I’ve seen a lot of situations change because they felt safe enough to share with me.

Space Creation doesn’t just work in a mental health setting, I’ve found at times, I can help create a space where people let their hair down and open up to have fun or try something new. We all just want to have fun right?

I do my best to be my honest & true self at all times. I’d love for everybody else to do the same but at their own pace and where they feel safe to do so. Space Creation is my superpower, what’s yours?

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