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What’s Your Superpower by Brian Anthony

I've always been fascinated by superheroes and the powers they possess as it just seems to be such a cool thing. To fly, to have super strength, to shapeshift, to control the elements - all of which have been some of the things that I wished I had if I were given that ability to have a gift.

But in thinking back, I'm quite fortunate to believe that I've been blessed with an incredible superpower that has served me well, especially over the last 15 years: the ability to understand and relate to people. I've spent a good portion of my life by myself being an only child and an introvert, so over the years I've gotten well in tune with just listening and observing those around me. And I've always been fairly empathetic, so I have always been one to sense others emotions. So to put those together has allowed me to be a support for those around me - none more so for my students. Just to be that listening ear or to be the one that they could come to have been the greatest things my superpower has allowed me to do. It will probably always be my best gift and for that superpower I'm truly grateful.

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