Who I Admire

Admire - regard with respect or warm approval

We all have people that we admire, whether they know it or not. I’d like to share a few of the people I admire.

My wife is not an easy pick, she’s an essential pick. My admiration for her knows no bounds and all of that is before being an amazing wife and mother. If you know my wife, you know that she loves her family and her friends. Once you are accepted into that sacred space, you will know blessing and support like no other. Leah will champion your cause (if it makes sense) she will help you plan, edit, write, promote, whatever if you believe in it and it is a positive thing. When birthday season comes around, she’s probably already thought of your party 3-4 months in advance. When you find yourself in a professional or personal valley, she will walk with you and she’ll point you to various exits along the way (of course it's up to you to take it). She launched her own consulting firm and she found better and more fulfilling work IN A PANDEMIC. Leah, I admire you if you never knew it.

I used to think Charlamagne was super problematic, but over the past few years he has grown on me. He has taken his mental health platform to an insane level, and he consistently advocates for Black people. From his publishing company to his podcast network, he is giving Black voices a microphone hooked up to a global sound system. I love to see it. More importantly, I love seeing his personal growth play out in real time. He seems like a completely different person from some of his old cringeworthy Breakfast Club interviews. From talking about infidelity with his wife to his professional pitfalls his transparency is like a breath of fresh air.

Talking about taking an idea or platform and blowing it up? WeezyWTF has taken sex & media to the next level. But this isn't about the sex, its the business. I forget how I stumbled on her podcast Whorible Decisions, but I’ve enjoyed casually listening. With no regards to chronological order or the timeline, she has partnered with Charlamagne and moved the pod to The Black Effect Network, she has a TV show, she’s working with Kenya Barris, and she opened her own media studio in New York. I admire the hustle, the dedication and the fearlessness that she seems to have as she builds her brand… and bank account.

  • Miles Hackney

Grandad is the definition of perseverance, being solid, and keeping it a buck. He is simply one of the greatest men I have had the pleasure to know. Listening to him talk is better than listening to Morgan Freeman. He always gives you his raw uncut feelings, even if it doesn't sound nice, but he always does whatever he can to help. He has experienced some hardships that I couldn't imagine, but he keeps going. At 80 years old, he’s stubborn, caring, optimistic, and possibly getting younger. My grandfathers have gone to be with the Lord, but I have him.. Well I borrowed him from Leah. Dom stole him from both of us.

I’ve admired this guy for a long time, but he had a quick clip on his IG page that reminded me why I appreciate him and people like him. Basically a woman that he had on his show tried to back him into a corner with a question. He acknowledged her tactic, answered her question and stood firm on it. I love to see it. Aside from that the brother is highly intelligent, he has been talking about Israel - Palestine and conflicts in the Middle East years before it became a hashtag, to the point that he was fired for it. It always sounds good, but I don’t know too many people willing to lose their job over an idea or a cause.

Last and never the least