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Year 6

Marriage is unnatural… hear me out.

There are roughly 7.8 Billion people (that uppercase “B” was for emphasis) on this rock and we are expected to find 1 person that checks all the boxe; fun to be around, smart, funny, attractive, ambitious, knows a thing or two about money, does those things that make you smile and those things that make you…. well you know, don't forget supporting you through your own BS, let downs, and setbacks. Simply put, that’s highly improbable.

BUT if you happen to find that person, something changes. Something that was a statistical improbability now feels natural, and each day you spend with that person is like receiving a daily miracle.

Leah is my daily miracle, and she has been for the past 6 years. She has been my best friend, my partner, my teammate, my lover (queue 90’s audience wooooo), and my wife for 6 years now. I cannot truly begin to explain how she has held me down and lifted me up throughout our journey together. She has been by my side after I made poor choices and she has been by my side after I accomplished goals. We laugh together, cry together, workout together, and live life together. We embarked on the journey of parenting together and that’s been a joy. Dom couldn’t ask for a better mother, and I couldn’t ask for a better wife.

This is for you, my daily miracle. Happy anniversary! I love you!

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